AlterBill Payment Gateway

Logo design

“The target audience of the site are webmasters, self-employed and small businesses wishing to quickly and without too much difficulty to organise payments on the site, as well as companies wishing to improve their competitive position by providing customers with a wide range of payment systems at low rates.”

With that brief I decided on a strong font that represents a solid foundation for money transaction as well as a credit card shape which represents the basic function of the service.

Marketing page

The design of the presentation page is simple and clean, with some loading animations that trigger on page load. The service needs to be communicated clearly and reflect the ease of use of the application.

Web app

Last part of the project was to build the actual app that users will use when using the AlterBill Payment Gateway. The app needs to be modern and respond on touch and mobile devices. Its using a standard left navigation with the header area where you can adjust advanced settings of the account.