Project brief

The old website needed a visual refresh with some extra functionality added for easier administration of the website. There was also a concern about the speed of the site so I’ve implemented speed improvements to speed it up.


There were multiple improvements added to the site, most notable are automatic image cropping and resizing and adding custom fields across the site.

I’ve also enabled smart search for certain content, as they have a lot of products and wanted the users to find them quicker.


Here are the results of comparing page speed tests between the old and new site (measured with sitespeed.io).

Homepage Old New
Performance score: 67  76
Total page size: 888.8 KB  586.6 KB
Requests: 50  46
Product page Old New
Performance score: 74  79
Total page size: 497.3 KB  251.8 KB
Requests: 34  29